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Sourcing your desired Classic / exotic or race car can be time consuming & frustrating work.  Classic Hangar can secure the correct car for you, we can carry out all inspections, mechanical / bodywork & paperwork to ensure that everything is correct, with no hidden surprises. Examples of cars sourced:  Mclaren F1, 993 GT1, Ferrari Enzo, F40 & F50, Shelby Cobra, Shelby GT350, Porsche 2.7RS, Aston Martin DB5 Vantage, Toyota 2000GT, even the Mini cooper used in the Pink Panther film shot in the dark.


If you have found a car and require an unbiased inspection, then Classic Hangar are more than happy to carry this out.


Management of cars and collections is vital in keeping the condition and value as high as possible, ultra clean storage areas / workshops and investment in the correct tooling + staff.

Classic hangar has over 10 years’ experience in collection management to assist in your collection requirements.


Building relationships with manufactures of Service items is also vital David brought Millers Oils, Evans Waterless coolants & CTEK battery conditioners to Bahrain as a distributer as well as Cosworth performance products, that even included building bespoke Cosworth Range Rovers for the Middle East Market

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